Sarah and Paul’s story

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Sarah and Paul struggled with their fertility following their marriage in 2012, but family plans were suddenly put on hold when devastating news revealed that Paul had an aggressive brain tumour.

For the next 18 months Paul underwent surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and immunotherapy and the couple concentrated on his recovery.

Sarah explained:  “It was a very difficult time and everything focused on getting Paul well. Before starting his treatment we knew that if we ever wanted children we would have to freeze sperm and undergo IVF, which is no longer available on the NHS in our area. When Paul completed his treatment and was in remission, we decided to meet with the team at Simply Fertility and get the ball rolling.

“I had heard that acupuncture could help fertility treatment but I knew very little about it,I wanted to give myself the best possible chance of conceiving so I was interested to give it a go.”Sarah

Sarah had acupuncture immediately before and after her embryo transfer.

The session helped Sarah to relax before the procedure. She says: “I hate needles but the ones used are tiny and it doesn’t hurt at all.  As soon as they are in place you feel a sensation of warmth and relaxation spread through your body. I would relax and listen to the guided meditation, which left me feeling empowered and positive.”

Sarah was delighted when she fell pregnant on her first attempt, finding out she was expecting on Paul’s birthday. She continued to have acupuncture once a month throughout her pregnancy, and believes it helped alleviate any pregnancy symptoms. Nine months later daughter Genevieve was born.

“I would absolutely recommend acupuncture,” she says. “I had a very quick and easy natural labour in under four hours with minimal pain relief. In any case, I found the sessions relaxing and enjoyable, and it left me with a positive frame of mind.

“Genevieve is the answer to our prayers and a joy and a blessing every day. Coupled with Paul’s against the odds recovery, we feel like we’ve had a double miracle.”