Kim and James introduce baby Harrison

harrison 5

Kim had experienced menstrual issues her entire life. Aged 17, she fell pregnant naturally with her daughter which was deemed to be a miracle. Once her daughter was 18 months old, Kim and her partner, James, decided to try for another baby but was diagnosed with PCOS, a hormone imbalance which causes women to skip periods and makes it more difficult to fall pregnant.

Kim was put under the care of the NHS who tried everything but to no avail. Laparoscopies were inconclusive, clomid didn’t work and so IVF was the next option. Kim was now 35 and not ovulating. After having a fertility assessment with Mr Mohamed at Simply Fertility, Kim was put on an IVF ICSI cycle with the microgynon pill to regulate her cycles.

“I felt a lot more positive after my consultation but still so worried that it would never work for me after so many years of fertility issues” Kim recalls.

An amazing 26 eggs were collected with 19 fertilising, 12 being frozen for future use and one day 5 embryo was transferred.

“Mr Gangooly carried out my embryo transfer and it really was a full circle moment. I went from seeing him in the NHS and being told there was nothing more they could do to him putting an embryo back which ultimately would be my baby.”

“The two week wait from the transfer to taking a pregnancy test was nerve-wracking to say the least and filled me with anxiety but I was excited to find out my outcome and tried to stay as positive as I could.”

In January 2019, Kim and James welcomed their miracle baby, a little boy called Harrison at Broomfield Hospital.

“We fell pregnant on our very first attempt which was a huge shock but a huge relief considering the issues I had all my life. Coming back into the clinic to see everyone and put our heart on the tree, I could have cried. That was all I wanted going into this and going to Simply Fertility was the best decision we ever made and we cannot thank them enough.”