Understanding the potential costs involved in your treatment can be very difficult, and deciphering the full price list is very challenging if you are not a medical professional. We have therefore put together some example prices to act as a guide

Your treatment will be bespoke to you, so the final cost of your treatment will be based upon your need and this will be discussed with you before you begin

Example Price for Couple One

A couple with unexplained infertility, she is aged 30 and he is 32, who have been trying to get pregnant for 2 years without success.  They have had some tests done through the NHS including a semen analysis and a Hycosy test for the fallopian tubes which showed no issues.

Initial Fertility Assessment package


Ovulation Induction



From £10 to £250



Example Price for Couple Two

A couple who have had a number of previously unsuccessful IVF cycles, she is aged 36 and they have been trying to start a family for 4 years. The sperm sample shows the need for ICSI to be used in treatment.

Initial Assessment package


Screening prior to treatment


ICSI cycle including blastocyst culture and HFEA fee



£900 - £2300 approx

Embryoscope- Time lapse photography- optional


Endometrial Scratch- optional



£6430 +

Example Price for Couple Three

A same sex female couple, aged 29 and 31, hoping to start a family requiring donor sperm and IUI.  They are able to match and purchase donor sperm from the clinic’s own sperm bank.

Assessment package- assessing both partners- including Hycosy


IUI Treatment, Donor sperm and HFEA fee


Screening prior to treatment



From £10 to £400




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