There are a number of ways we can help you to start or grow a family. What you need will depend on your individual situation: it could be surrogacy, fertility preservation, egg freezing, help from donors, surgery, or embarking on a natural cycle to try to have a child.

If you’re not sure which options are best for you, call us at the clinic, and we can talk through what you need. Whatever your journey, there are a few key stages that apply to everyone who comes to the clinic for treatment.

Your referral may come from your GP or hospital doctor, or you can self-refer using the form on the clinic website.

Referral Form

Preliminary tests and screening

To make the best decision about your treatment in the consultation, your doctor needs the results of some tests.   At Simply Fertility we make this simple with all our patients having access to our Fertility Assessment Package.  A combination of of the AMH  blood test, a vaginal ultrasound scan to assess your ovaries, and a semen assessment are recommended were appropriate.   You can arrange a Fertiity Assessment appointment here


Initial Consultation

At your first consultation with your fertility doctor, you discuss your reproductive and medical history and test results. The doctor will discuss with you their recommended programme of treatment, based on your personal results and circumstances.

Counselling is available at any stage of your treatment pathway. Fertility treatment is a significant emotional journey for all patients, and counselling provides extra emotional support. It is completely confidential. If you were going to use donated eggs or sperm for your treatment, then we recommend you see the counsellor before starting treatment to discuss the genetic implications surrounding your treatment.


When you are then ready to commence treatment you need to attend an PTA appointment with a member of our nursing team to sign consent forms, and talk through your particular treatment programme. They will explain all the consent forms that you need to sign, and also show you how to take any drugs you’ll be using during the treatment process. Once all the tests and consent forms are completed, you are ready to start your IVF cycle. If you are having treatment as a couple, both of you will need to attend this appointment to sign the consent forms. If you are funding your own treatment you will need to pay for your treatment programme at this point.

Consent Appointment

Your treatment will be mapped out by your consultant, and there are nuances to each and every person’s journey that are impossible for us to detail here. However you can rest assured that you will be looked after with utmost care and compassion by a highly experienced team, who know just how to care for you.


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