We know from experience that many couples spend up to two years trying to find out the cause of their infertility, years that are precious in terms of fertility.

Our popular Fertility Assessment packages speed up the lengthy process of tests and evaluations by providing a fertility assessment in just a couple of hours.  This can give you the answers you need about your fertility status with no obligation to move forward for treatment.

What is a Fertility Assessment Package?

A Fertility Assessment package is a comprehensive and quick service with 2 visits. It enables us to diagnose the cause of infertility, offer specialist advice and to recommend possible treatments without further delay.

What happens at the appointment?

From just £400 you and your partner will undergo a series of tests, including ultrasound,  sperm analysis and an AMH blood test.  The AMH, an ovarian reserve test, can be arranged at a specific time before the visit, in order to have the results available for discussion with the consultant. By the end of the appointment, the consultant will be in a position to advise the most effective fertility treatment for you, as well as providing you with dietary and lifestyle advice to boost your chances of conceiving.

Each member of our team of fertility experts is driven by one single aim: to help you conceive.

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Fertility Assessment Packages

Booking a Rapid Fertility Assessment Package

Whether you are investigating your fertility status independently or as a couple we will arrange a time when you can come in for an appointment to have all the necessary tests done. A follow up appointment will be arranged at which we can discuss your results. The whole programme therefore requires just two appointments with all the tests carried out on site and can often be arranged at a time convenient to you.

First Appointment – (female only) You can call (01245 201 544) to make an appointment for your AMH blood test to be carried out. We are usually able to offer this from 8.00am most mornings.

Second Appointment – (both partners to attend).  This appointment will be arranged for the consultation with our Fertility Specialist around 7-10 days later.

During this appointment the fertility Specialist will perform an ultrasound scan. This is an internal scan in order for your reproductive organs to be properly examined, which can be performed on any day of your menstrual cycle even if you are bleeding. The scan will assess your uterus to check for any abnormalities, and look at your ovaries to determine the number of antral follicles. This coupled with the AMH results gives an accurate measure of your fertility and your likely response to any fertility medication.

The semen analysis can be carried out at either the first or second appointment. If it is at the second appointment, you will be asked to attend one hour prior to your appointment in order for the sample to be produced on site and analysed.

The fertility specialist will then sit with you and guide you through all your results. He will be able to give you an accurate assessment of your fertility and explain the options available to you.

Semen Analysis

If you’re providing sperm for any kind of fertility treatment, a sample will be analysed first. If you’ve had a recent assessment elsewhere, our embryologists will look at the results and decide whether another should be done. Fertility can change, even if you have already fathered a child. This may be due to illness, a change in lifestyle or age.

The reason you’re asked to provide a semen sample could be any of the following:

  • Assessing the likelihood of achieving a pregnancy with your partner.
  • Diagnosing a sperm problem that means you may need medical help to achieve a pregnancy.
  • Determining which treatment is the most appropriate for you and your partner.
  • For storing semen, whether as a back-up for treatment, for preserving your fertility, or before a vasectomy.

All our semen analyses are performed using World Health Organisation (2010) Guidelines. We assess:

  • Sperm count – how many sperm are present in each millilitre of semen
  • Motility – how well the sperm are moving
  • Morphology – how many sperm are of normal size and shape
  • The sample’s volume and pH.

Causes of Fertility

There are many reasons why you might not be achieving a pregnancy and these can be contributed either by the male, the female or in some cases both partners.

There are many factors that cause infertility such as male factor, ovulatory disorders and blocked fallopian tubes. In 18-20% there may be no cause detected which is characterised as “unexplained infertility”. It must be remembered however, that the greatest contribution to fertility decline is increasing age.

Our aim is to provide the most cost effective packages offering fast access to your Fertility Status. We offer a complete range of infertility investigations for those trying to conceive or indeed just wanting reassurance about their Fertility status. Our aim is to find a possible cause of your infertility in the most cost effective way using the most up to date tests undertaken by our Fertility Specialists.


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