We are delighted to share our latest success rates for IVF/ICSI and Frozen Embryo Replacement since the launch of our purpose built Fertility Centre in June 2017.

54.2% Clinical Pregnancy Rate for all patients under 39 yrs having a blastocyst transfer

As an established leading Fertility Centre in your region we understand there are many things to consider when choosing a Centre, you might find it useful to read our guide “choosing a fertility centre”.  We also feel that you should be offered an insight into what others have felt about our clinic, their experiences and success. By clicking here you can read some of the stories that our patients have shared with you.

Of course we would like to share our 2018 success rates with you……..

These latest success rates are higher in every aspect to the national data collected by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology (HFEA) and for some age groups our outcomes have been reported as significantly higher than the national average which we are extremely proud of.

We are only able to report our clinical pregnancy rates* and not live birth rates because we have only been treating patients since mid 2017.  Therefore we take the opportunity to present our 2018 data in the tables below.

The success of the clinic is very much dependant on the experience of the team and the personal approach to each treatment cycle.

“This approach has enabled us to deliver a 54.2% Clinical Pregnancy Rate for all patients under 39 yrs having a blastocyst transfer.”


IVF/ICSI Clinical Pregnancy Rates: 2018

Embryo Transfers1464225
Clinical Pregnancies75135
Clinical Pregnancy Rate51.3%`31.0%20.0%

Frozen Embryo Transfers

Frozen Embryo Transfers: 2018

Embryo Transfers3886
Clinical Pregnancies1821
Clinical Pregnancy Rate47.4%25.0%16.7%


The safest route to pregnancy

Simply Fertility has invested significantly to ensure that our patients benefit from the very latest technology and treatment developments. We believe our mix of highly experienced clinicians and scientists delivers the very best chance for of gaining a successful pregnancy. We feel so confident with our facilities and services that we are routinely able to offer the safest route to pregnancy to so many of our patients by recommending just one embryo for transfer.   This plan delivers exceptionally high clinical pregnancy rates and maintains a low twin pregnancy rate.

All our patients have the option of benefiting from the following:

  • The use of EmbryoGlue, a special solution which helps your embryo to ‘stick’ to your uterus after transfer
  • Embryos can be cultured in the latest time-lapse incubator, the Embryoscope Plus for undisturbed embryo culture that gives us detailed analysis of development enabling that the best embryos are chosen.
  • Every patient is offered Endometrial Scratching, performed just before IVF, which some studies have proved can help with implantation.
  • A 7 day service, transferring embryos when the embryos are ready.
  • A personalised treatment plan managed by a team of caring and highly experienced clinicians, scientists and nurses, providing support and advice all the way through the treatment plan.

How do we compare?

Birth rates per embryo transferred* is increasingly viewed by professionals as the best measure of clinical practice, which is why the HFEA recently adopted this as its headline measure for clinic performance within the Choose a Fertility Clinic function on their website. Birth rates per embryo transferred helps patients and clinics to recognise that whilst transferring more than one embryo at a time is thought to raise success rates, it also raises the chance of twins, which can carry health risks for the babies and mother. 

The latest (2016) data for birth rates per embryo transferred which has been verified and published on the HFEA website can be viewed and evaluated online for every clinic.  We have taken the opportunity to list those in our region for comparison and compare with our own most up to date results.

The HFEA unfortunately are 12months behind with their data collection and therefore our results which have been verified by the HFEA and acknowledged as significantly higher than the national average don’t appear in their tables as they are in the process of updating this section of the website.

*Birth rate per embryo transferred (number of births divided by the total number of embryos transferred) as their top line success

For more information on the latest data collected by the HFEA (2016) then we recommend downloading their report

Alternatively if you would like to see individual success rates then go to Choose a Fertility Clinic

If you would like to discuss success rates in more detail then please contact the clinic at enquiries@simply-fertility.com



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