We are getting a new look and name but don’t worry the remarkable care is staying the same.

We are getting a new look and name but don’t worry the remarkable care is staying the same.

Hannah is a clinical embryologist, part of the team of scientists in the lab at Simply Fertility involved in fertility treatment and reproductive research.

She collects eggs, assesses and prepares sperm samples, carries out ICSI and IVF, looks for signs of fertilisation and keeps a regular watch on embryos to monitor their quality and progress before they are transferred.

A typical day for Hannah starts at 8am with embryo checks and seeing how many eggs have fertilised overnight.  She rings patients with daily updates to keep them fully informed.

Hannah said:  “Egg collections are carried out each morning. They take place in our theatres with an embryologist, consultant and nursing staff present.

“After the egg collection, I talk to the patient about the number of eggs we have collected, the quality of the sperm sample and the insemination procedure we are going to carry out to fertilise the eggs. The sperm sample from the partner or donor is also prepared which will be used to inseminate the eggs later in the day.”

Hannah added: “It’s important to keep patients up-to-date every step of the way. Being able to share updates with patients is very rewarding – and it’s fairly unique to be able to show them footage of their embryos developing using our pioneering time lapse technology.”

Hannah has been an embryologist since 2002 and loves being at the cutting edge of new scientific discoveries and technology.

“At Simply Fertility, we have the most advanced laboratory and new and revolutionary treatments. We use an Embryoscope which enables us to nurture embryos and select the most viable ones for transfer, giving our patients the best possible chances of success. Each embryo is imaged and monitored every 10 minutes allowing subtle changes in development to be detected. This allows us to select embryos with the highest pregnancy potential.  Being able to share this footage with patients is amazing.”

Hannah also maintains clinical records including embryo storage review, organises the transport of samples between clinics and monitors laboratory KPI’s (key performance indicators).

Like other members of the Simply Fertility team, Hannah is delighted when patients return and bring their babies to meet everyone at the clinic.

“As an embryologist we are involved from early on. It’s a privilege to help people have a baby and achieve their dream.”


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