To discuss your fertility options at our newly built IVF clinic, Upminster residents should get in touch with Simply Fertility. We believe that everyone from single women to same-sex couples should have access to fertility awareness, diagnosis, and treatment.

We aim to provide all our patients with competitive, inclusive, and above all else, successful fertility treatment. At every stage of your journey, our staff will be on hand to deliver dedicated support, expert guidance, and all the information you need to know about IVF without the overwhelming medical jargon.

Choosing an IVF clinic isn’t easy and will depend on a wide range of factors. But here at Simply Fertility, we’re proud to offer our patients an easy-to-reach location, variety of treatments, impressive success rates, competitive packages, knowledgeable staff, and professional counselling.

For more about our IVF clinic, Upminster locals can get in touch directly – call 01245 201 544, email or send a message online.

An insight into our IVF clinic Upminster

In-Virto Fertilisation (IVF) is a common fertility treatment that places a petri dish of sperm and eggs in a laboratory incubator for three to five days.

To increase the number of mature eggs for fertilisation, your ovaries are stimulated through drug treatment. Fresh and frozen sperm samples are provided or thawed on the same day the eggs are collected, which is done through ultrasound guidance.

Once placed in our Embryoscope Plus incubator, your embryos will be closely monitored in optimum conditions without disturbance. Our embryologists make use of video cameras and time-lapse technology to identify and select the best embryos.

They are then transferred to your uterus through the cervix in order to develop just like a normal pregnancy.

Women that explore IVF treatment tend to suffer from issues such as absent or damaged fallopian tubes, endometriosis, and unexplained fertility.

Success rates at our IVF clinic Upminster

In June 2017, Simply Fertility opened the doors to a brand new purpose built clinic. Since then, we have witnessed extremely encouraging results that exceed national averages for IVF/ICSI and frozen embryo replacements.

These results have been made possible by highly experienced clinicians and scientists alongside significant investments in the latest technology and techniques. In fact, Simply Fertility is so confident in our processes that we often recommend the transfer of just one embryo.

Even so, we highly recommend that you contact us to discuss your chances of success, as data often comes down to age and variable treatment factors. To discuss in more detail, call 01245 201 544, email or send us a message online.

About Upminster

Originally a rural village, Upminster has blossomed into a suburban commuter town with numerous shopping streets and a large residential area, making it perfect for families. The level of home ownership is also atypically high compared to the rest of London and England, with over 90 per cent of housing tenure under owner-occupation.

When it comes to education, the top rated schools include Sacred Heart of Mary Girls’ School, The Coopers’ Company and Coborn School, and The Campion School.


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