Despite the fact many of us plan to start a family one day, some people find it more difficult to conceive than others. But at our IVF clinic, Rainham residents can get expert advice from leading fertility experts and explore a wide range of treatment options.

Simply Fertility will take the time to identify the issues affecting you and put together a plan of action on how to resolve them. We promise to treat you as an individual, not a number.

Thanks to the latest techniques and technology as well as the experience and expertise of our staff, Simply Fertility is achieving success rates that exceed national averages.

To find out more or to arrange a visit to our IVF clinic, Rainham residents should contact Simply Fertility today – call 01245 201 544, email us, or send a message via our online enquiry form.

What you need to know about treatment at our IVF clinic - Rainham

In-Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) is when sperm is mixed with eggs in a laboratory incubator to allow for fertilisation. But because IVF treatment requires more eggs than in a natural cycle, the ovaries need stimulating through drug treatment.

The resulting embryos are removed from the incubator after three to five days and then transferred to the woman’s uterus through the cervix. The hope is they will develop as they would in a normal pregnancy.

Simply Fertility has the only Embryoscope Plus incubator in Essex, which allows your embryos to be developed in optimum conditions without disturbance. Our embryologists can constantly check on their progress through cameras and time-lapse technology.

Reasons to choose us as your fertility clinic - Rainham

  • Location – We are located close to the A12 junction for Chelmsford on a private health park with lots of free parking.
  • Success rates – Since the launch of our purpose built fertility centre in June 2017, we are thrilled with success rates that exceed national averages.
  • Affordability – We pride ourselves in providing competitive and inclusive fertility treatment. We also work with Fertility Assist to offer alternative financial options.
  • Staff – With decades of experience and knowledge of fertility, our staff are on hand to provide advice and assistance every step of the way.
  • Reputation – Simply Fertility takes great pride in the glowing reputation we have built among our past and present patients.
  • Counselling and support – No matter the outcome, you can always call upon our support network for comfort, reassurance, and guidance.

About Rainham

Once part of Essex, Rainham is now located in the London Borough of Havering with a population of 12,482.

The town itself is surrounded by a residential area to the north, and a commercial area to the south. Its economic history is underpinned by a shift from agriculture to industry and manufacture, while a retail area now extends along Upminster Road South and Broadway.

Rainham is currently undergoing a period of regeneration, with plans for the Thames Gateway Development including 3,200 new homes and the upgrading of run-down industrial facilities on the A1306 road.


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