Want fertility advice, diagnosis, and treatment at a leading IVF clinic? Ongar residents should consider visiting Simply Fertility and our state-of-the-art facility in Great Baddow, just outside of Chelmsford.

We want to give everyone the chance at starting a family, regardless of individual circumstances. Our staff will work hand-in-hand with you to identify the issues you are facing and come up with a plan of action to resolve them.

Simply Fertility calls upon years of hands-on industry experience, the latest technology and techniques, along with proven scientific research to deliver the best results possible. Our success rates now exceed national averages.

To discover more about our IVF clinic, Ongar residents should get in touch with Simply Fertility today – call 01245 201 544, email us, or send a message via our online enquiry form.

Typical journey our IVF clinic - Ongar

A typical journey at Simply Fertility looks a little like this:

  • Pre-treatment – To make the best decision about treatment, we’ll perform some preliminary tests and a screening. We can then discuss the results at an initial consultation.
  • Pre-treatment appointment (PTA) – When you are ready to commence treatment, we’ll ask you to attend a PTA to sign consent forms and talk about your programme.
  • Endometrial scratch – A minor procedure that may help with the implantation of embryos.
  • Starting treatment – Treatment will start on day 1 of your period. We ask you to call the clinic for instructions on how to start the treatment plan.
  • Ovarian stimulation and monitoring – Over a period of around 2 weeks of stimulation, administered by injections at home, you’ll have 1-3 scans and blood tests to monitor the development of the egg producing follicles.
  • Trigger injection – Once your follicles are ready, the stimulation period ends with an injection that matures the eggs.
  • Egg collection – The egg collection procedure, which lasts about half an hour, will take place 36-40 hours after the trigger injection.
  • Providing sperm – Sperm samples must be provided or thawed (if in storage) on the same day as the eggs.
  • Egg insemination – Culture dishes containing the sperm and eggs are placed in an incubator to allow for fertilisation.
  • Embryo development – Our embryologists will be in contact regularly to update you on embryo development.
  • Embryo transfer – A tiny drop of culture medium containing one or two embryos is carefully deposited in the uterus using a thin catheter.
  • The wait – Within this two-week period, feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.
  • The outcome – No matter the outcome, we are here to help.

IVF Clinic – Ongar local information

The civil parish of Ongar includes Chipping Ongar, Greensted, Greensted Green, Marden Ash, and Shelley. The 2011 census revealed that Ongar had a population of 6,251 and around 2,500 households.

There are five primary schools in Ongar – Chipping Ongar, Shelley, High Ongar, Fyfield Dr. Walkers and Moreton. The Ongar Academy, which opened in September 2015 under Wave 7 of the Government’s Free Schools Programme, is the only secondary school. It specialises in STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).


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