At our state-of-the-art IVF clinic, Loughton residents can find out what fertility issues are affecting them and take a positive step towards starting a family. Simply Fertility believes that fertility awareness, diagnosis, and treatment should be available to everyone, regardless of lifestyle choices or personal circumstances.

When you visit us, we will take the time to understand your situation, talk you through the various options, and come up with a plan for treatment. Every step of the way, our staff will provide ongoing, friendly support.

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What you need to know about treatment at our IVF clinic Loughton

IVF (In-Vitro Fertilisation) is a common form of fertility treatment for women whose fallopian tubes are absent or damaged. Other fertility issues such as endometriosis, unexplained infertility, male infertility, and the egg donation programme can also explore IVF.

The process starts by collecting eggs from the woman’s ovaries using ultrasound guidance. Eggs are combined with partner or donor sperm, which must be specially prepared, and then placed in a laboratory incubator for three to five days.

After this, one or two of the resulting embryos are transferred to the woman’s uterus through the cervix in the hope they will develop just like a normal pregnancy.

For IVF to be successful, we need more eggs than a natural cycle and will administer drugs to stimulate the ovaries. Simply Fertility will also use a Embryoscope Plus incubator to provide the best chance of development in optimum conditions without disturbance.

The success rates at our IVF clinic Loughton

The success rate for IVF treatment in the UK is currently 30%. But since moving to our purpose-built fertility in June 2017, which is the newest in the East of England, Simply Fertility has enjoyed positive results that exceed this national average.

This is due in large part to the major investments we have made in the latest technology and treatment developments. Simply Fertility also puts complete faith in the ability of our experienced scientists and adept clinicians.

To find out what your chances of success are, get in touch with us – call 01245 201 544 or email

More about Loughton

It is no surprise why so many people want to start a family and raise children in Loughton. This civil parish with a population of just over 30,000 people is only 15 miles north-east of central London at the apex of what is known as the ‘Golden Triangle’, with Chigwell and Buckhurst Hill to the south.

Houses in Loughton range from period cottages from its time as a small village to Victorian and Edwardian semi-detached and terrace properties. More modern developments include the Roding estate, Great Woodcote Park, and Goldings Manor.

In terms of transport links, Loughton is close to the M25 and M11. It also has an Underground station on the Central line, with trains to Liverpool Street in 28 minutes.


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