Thanks to a full range of assessment packages and treatment options available at our IVF clinic, Canvey Island residents with fertility issues should look no further than Simply Fertility.

No matter your background or situation, we believe everyone should be given the chance to start a family. Our team of experts will work closely with you to understand your fertility issue and agree upon a plan of action to resolve it.

It’s understandable to have several questions about fertility awareness, diagnosis, and treatment. Even though certain medical terms can be confusing, our team will ensure you are always kept informed and up-to-date.

To arrange an appointment at our IVF clinic, Canvey Island locals should contact Simply Fertility today – call 01245 201 544, email us, or send a message via our online enquiry form.

Choosing the right IVF clinic - Canvey Island

When it comes to choosing an IVF clinic, you’ll need to bear a number of things in mind such as the distance you’ve got to travel, range of treatments available, as well as success rates. Thankfully, we provide you with everything you need for a stress-free fertility journey:

  • Treatment options – Although a lot will depend on your personal situation, our treatment options include in-vitro fertilisation (IVF), intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), embryo freezing Intrauterine insemination (IUI), sperm donation, egg donation, and surrogacy.
  • Location – Seeing as you’ll need to visit your chosen clinic regularly, our location close to the A12 junction for Chelmsford makes things a lot easier. We’re also situated on a private health park with plenty of free parking.
  • Success rates – Thanks in large part to a purpose built facility, our success rates have been exceeding national averages since June 2017. However, we highly recommend you get in touch with us for specific data regarding your age, circumstances, and preferred treatment.
  • Affordability – We pride ourselves in providing competitive and inclusive fertility treatment. We also work with Fertility Assist to offer alternative financial options.
  • Reputation – We are extremely proud of our previous track record and current reputation among patients.
  • Staff – Our seasoned staff have decades of hands-on experience along with in-depth knowledge about fertility. We also boast numerous customer care and client facing staff to help you on your IVF journey.
  • Counselling and support – Fertility treatment is a team effort and we’ll always be here to support you. You can easily call our fertility counsellor to arrange an appointment at any time.

IVF clinic – Canvey Island local information

Separated from the mainland of south Essex by a network of creeks, Canvey Island is home to 38,170 people and has been inhabited since the Roman invasion of Britain.

The population of Canvey Island has increased significantly in the last 100 years, mainly due to its popularity as a residential holiday resort during the first half of the 20th century. Growth can also be attributed to London overspill plans alongside the introduction of council estates for 100 families from the Dagenham and Walthamstow boroughs.


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