At our industry-leading IVF clinic, Bishops Stortford residents can take a positive step towards having children. We believe that fertility awareness, diagnosis, and treatment should be available to everyone, no matter your lifestyle choices or personal circumstances.

Simply Fertility boasts a team of trained and qualified experts who can identify the issues you are experiencing and put together a plan of action to resolve them. We treat all our patients as individuals, not numbers.

If you would like more information or to book an appointment at our IVF clinic, Bishops Stortford residents should give us a call on 01245 201 544 or email

Treatment at our IVF clinic – Bishops Stortford

IVF (In-Vitro Fertilisation) will combine your sperm and eggs (or cells if using a donor) in a petri dish. This will then be placed in a laboratory incubator to fertilise for two-to-five days. After this time, one or two of the resulting embryos are removed and transferred to the women’s uterus in the hope they will implant and develop like a normal pregnancy.

IVF protocols include:

  • Long Protocol IVF – The standard protocol for IVF, which will suppress the patient’s hormones to take control of ovulation using medication known as agonists.
  • Short Protocol IVF – This protocol for IVF does not involve the use of tablets and is therefore a better option for some patients.
  • Antagonist (mild) IVF – Still using injections but over a shorter period of time, antagonist IVF can minimise discomfort, reduce costs, and avoid ovarian hyperstimulation.

Benefits of our IVF clinic - Bishops Stortford

Choose us as your IVF clinic for the following benefits:

  • Success rates – Since the launch of our purpose built fertility centre in June 2017, we have enjoyed success rates that exceed national averages.
  • Location – We are located close to the A12 junction for Chelmsford on a private health park with plenty of free parking. This makes it easy to visit us on the multiple occasions required by fertility treatment.
  • Price – Not only does Simply Fertility have competitive and inclusive packages, we also work with Fertility Assist to provide alternative financial options.
  • Reputation – We are extremely proud of our previous track record and current reputation among patients.
  • Counselling and support – No matter the outcome, you can always call upon our support network for comfort, reassurance, and direction.
  • Staff – Our seasoned staff have decades of hands-on experience along with in-depth knowledge about fertility. We also have numerous customer care and client facing staff to help you on your IVF journey.

IVF clinic – Bishops Stortford local information

The historic market town and civil parish of Bishop’s Stortford in Hertfordshire has a population of 37,838 according to the 2011 Census. It’s known as a particularly affluent area, partly due to its status as a commuter town for the (mainly financial) workers in London.

However, the town itself is also home to many people working in the the tourist industry, including hotels, catering and airline staff because of the nearby Stansted Airport. In total, about 85% work in the services sector.


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