July 11, 2018


Football’s coming home! All we want is to achieve a GOAL, but while we are at it lets remember these 5 top tips to keep you on side.


  1. Binge drinking? Occasional binges whilst watching the World Cup can affect your sperm quality. The odd drink is not a fertility sin. A glass of wine or pint of beer a day is within the recommended limits. Keeping yourself hydrated is a must
  2. England may have scored 13 in 14 days but did you know that one of the main reasons people struggle to conceive is because they’re not having enough sex. Conception is a numbers game and you need to be doing it every other day.
  3. Did you know that keeping your phone in your pocket can seriously affect your sperm levels? The electromagnetic heat that phones generate was the main cause, so if you want to keep track of the football score, keep your phone elsewhere.
  4. If Kyle WALKer is anything like his name, he should have a high sperm count. According to one study, half an hour of walking or jogging three times a week can boost sperm count. Cycling can lower sperm quality due to the position in the saddle, so ditch the bike and be a (Kyle) Walker.
  5. If the World Cup stress is getting to you, rethink your relaxation methods! Smoking can significantly affect sperm qualities, as well as damaging their DNA. So look for an alternative therapy for that pre-game tension.

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