February 23, 2018


Success of a clinic is very much dependant on the investment it makes, making sure the right mix of expertise and the most up to date culture systems are made available.  The team at Simply Fertility are therefore very proud and delighted to release its first set of pregnancy results for IVF/ICSI cycles and Frozen Embryo replacements, since the launch of our purpose built Fertility Centre in June 2017, the newest centre in the East of England.  

We are delighted with these success rates which are clearly the highest in the region and reflect the dedication and investment that Simply Fertility has made.Sarah Walt, Director

Over 44% of all our patients who have undergone an IVF or ICSI cycle with us have a clinical pregnancy.  The last national average for all UK IVF clinics, published by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority is 31% clinical pregnancy rate for all ages.  This means we have achieved a clinical pregnancy rate 13% more than the national average!  For couples where the woman was 38 or under having treatment with us, 68% of our patients have a clinical ongoing pregnancy.   An ongoing clinical pregnancy is defined as having been scanned at 7 weeks and a foetal heartbeat has been seen.

Frozen Embryo Transfer success rates at Simply Fertility are also showing some very impressive initial results with 98% of the embryos surviving the process, this gives us the ability to confidently thaw a single embryo and almost guarantee a transfer.  Over 38% of our initial 50 frozen embryo transfers undertaken in the last 6 months of 2017 have an ongoing pregnancy.  It is also encouraging that 66% of our patients having a fresh IVF or ICSI cycle have had at least one or more embryos frozen. 

Sarah Walt, Director, also commented, “Being part of the Fertility Partnership has meant that there are many opportunities for us to drive our success rates, only last week we were able to present and share our data with all our partner clinics in order to drive improvement.

“It is early days for us and so the results are not published on the HFEA website but you can use our latest data to compare with other centres should you wish to do so.”

Simply Fertility has invested significantly to ensure that our patients benefit from the very latest technology and treatment developments. We believe our mix of highly experienced clinicians and scientists delivers the very best chance of gaining a successful pregnancy. We feel so confident with our facilities and services that we are routinely able to offer the safest route to pregnancy to so many of our patients by recommending just one embryo for transfer. This plan delivers exceptionally high clinical pregnancy rates and maintains a low multiple pregnancy rate.

Andy Glew, Laboratory Director, commented, “As a scientist I feel strongly that we should provide the very best environment for an embryo to develop.  To ensure a laboratory is performing well we should be looking at the live birth rate per single embryo replaced.  It is early days, however over 40% of the embryos transferred have implanted regardless of the age of the patient.  These results clearly indicate we are leading the way for our patients and giving every embryo the very best start in life.”

All our patients benefit from the following:

  • The use of EmbryoGlue, a special solution which helps your embryo to ‘stick’ to your uterus after transfer
  • Embryos can be cultured in the latest time-lapse incubator, the Embryoscope Plus for undisturbed embryo culture that gives us detailed analysis of development enabling the very best embryos to be chosen
  • Every patient is offered Endometrial Scratching, performed just before IVF, which can help with implantation
  • A 7 day service, transferring embryos when the embryos are ready
  • A personalised treatment plan managed by a team of caring and highly experienced clinicians, scientists and nurses, providing support and advice all the way through the treatment plan.

Highlights from 2017 Results

  • 100% of our patients opted for the time lapse incubation
  • 56% of our patients had ICSI, we only provide ICSI treatment when there is a male factor issue.
  • 68% of clinical pregnancy rate per embryo transfer if you are under 38yrs
  • Our multiple pregnancy rate is low at just 5% giving rise to safer pregnancies
  • 66% of our patients have had a blastocyst transfer on day 5
  • 67% of our patients having IVF or ICSI had at least one embryo frozen
  • Over 97% of the frozen embryos we thaw survive
  • The overall clinical pregnancy rate for Frozen Embryo Transfer is 40%.