We are getting a new look and name but don’t worry the remarkable care is staying the same.

We are getting a new look and name but don’t worry the remarkable care is staying the same.

TFP Simply Fertility – TFP | The Fertility Partnership

TFP Simply Fertility is proud to be a part of TFP | The Fertility Partnership – the largest provider of IVF in the UK, where a new baby arrives every four hours.

Thanks to this relationship, our patients are able to benefit from the latest scientific research, expert insight from internationally renowned clinicians, first-class patient care and some of the highest IVF success rates in Europe.

TFP is known for prioritising quality of care and will regularly meet to review all aspects of the clinic-patient relationship to ensure the best experience throughout every IVF journey.

At this moment in time, 98 per cent of patients rate nursing care within the Fertility Partnership as exceptional, while 99 per cent would recommend their experience to family or friends.

As a result, everybody who walks through the door at TFP Simply Fertility is guaranteed the utmost care, attention, expertise and support thanks to this partnership.

TFP’s approach

For more than 35 years, TFP has pioneered innovative and groundbreaking treatments through scientific research and innovative technology.

Progress, breakthroughs and good practice are shared across the partnership in order to improve fertility success rates for everyone.

Despite the fact that The Fertility Partnerships boasts extremely high satisfaction rates among patients, it keeps striving to improve them even further based on their fundamental five values of care, expertise, passion, trust and innovation.

The Fertility Partnership is proud to lead the way in terms of IVF success rates, but at its very heart continues to treat every single patient as an individual.

Reasons to trust TFP

TFP Simply Fertility is one of TFP’s leading clinics and shares its ideals, principles and practices – our staff have a great deal of passion for their work, we believe everybody should have access to fertility treatment, and our collective expertise will give you the best possible chance of getting pregnant. We believe it is a privilege and an honour to guide patients through their fertility journey.

Here are more reasons why you can trust our relationship with The Fertility Partnership:

  • Knowledge – The Fertility Partnership is able to call upon the expertise of globally acclaimed clinicians, who share their insights, research and best practices to deliver industry-leading treatment.
  • Success – Although age and general health are inevitably important factors, The Fertility Partnership welcomes all patients and is exceptionally proud its success rates are amongst the highest in Europe. Visit ‘Our success’ page for specific data at TFP Simply Fertility.
  • Trust – The Fertility Partnership is regulated by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) and is recommended by 99 per cent of past patients (source: 2018 survey data).
  • Accessibility – We offer flexible consultation and appointment times, before and after work, to make our services as accessible and convenient as possible for our patients. We have introduced a new ‘Patient Portal’, which enables you to manage your individual treatment online, including resources such as test results, medical history and a calendar for appointments.
  • Value – We offer free one-to-one consultations with a specialist in both our Chelmsford and Romford clinics, as well as regular patient information evenings. The Fertility Partnership has a number of payment options available, such as finance through Access Fertility, which can include generous discounts for multiple IVF cycles.
  • Counselling – In line with the HFEA Act 1990, all of The Fertility Partnership’s clinics offer confidential counselling to support patients with any fears or anxieties they may have before, during and after treatment. TFP Simply Fertility supplements this with a complimentary Support Group, open to patients and those being treated elsewhere, as well as access to various holistic services.

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