Time-lapse Imaging

We are entrusted with the most precious gift in the world, your future baby, which is why we have chosen Boston Place with their most advanced laboratory.

We are delighted to offer a new and revolutionary treatment which is proven to increase IVF pregnancy rates.   EmbryoScope™ Treatment  enables our embryologists to not only nurture your embryos but select the most viable ones for transfer, giving you the best possible chance of IVF success.

EMBRYOSCOPE™ Embryo development time-lapse imaging

A new time-lapse technology called the Embryoscope™ involves culturing embryos in an incubator equipped with a special microscope, camera and computer. Available since 2011 it has already led to the birth of thousands of healthy babies. Each individual embryo is imaged separately and monitored every 15 minutes allowing subtle changes in development to be detected. This allows selection of embryos with the highest pregnancy potential – so-called morphokinetics.

Up to 70% of embryos appear normal when observed on a daily basis using older incubation systems yet do not go on to give successful pregnancy after transfer. The ability to more accurately select an embryo capable of pregnancy on the basis of the time-lapse imaging is an exciting development. It is also thought that embryos identified in this way are less likely to lead to early pregnancy loss than other systems and preliminary results are excellent.

Research comparing pregnancy rates using the EmbryoScope and a standard incubator indicated a:

“20% relative improvement in pregnancy rate per egg retrieval using the EmbryoScope”.

Identifies your most viable embryos

Embryonic development is dynamic. By continuously monitoring every stage of development,  the  embryologists   are   able to select the best, most viable embryos for transferring, at the right time.

Maintains genuine undisturbed cultures

Unlike traditional incubation techniques which routinely require embryos to  be  removed for assessment under a microscope, the EmbryoScope’s internal camera records development whilst maintaining optimal culture conditions. Embryos remain undisturbed.   Very first images of your future baby

This pioneering technique provides precious, real time video imagery of every moment from the beginning of life for you to cherish.  Should you wish to have a video showing the development of your transferred embryo in our laboratory, please ask the Embryologist during your treatment.