Insemination – IUI

Intra uterine insemination (IUI) is a rTogether_18224611elatively simple fertility treatment where a very fine catheter is used to place specially washed sperm directly into the uterus at the right time in the woman’s menstrual cycle.

Reasons for having IUI

  • There is unexplained infertility
  • There are ovulation problems
  • The male partner experiences impotence or premature ejaculation
  • You do not have any known fertility problems but may not have a male partner and are trying for a baby using donated sperm.

Tests and Investigations

Before proceeding with any fertility treatment it will be necessary for you and your partner to have some screening tests and if not already known we will need to evaluate the health of your fallopian tubes. This is done using a 3D ultrasound procedure called Hycosy.

The Procedure

We recommend our Enhanced IUI package which provides a safe and controlled stimulation in order to maximize your chances of success. This package is particularly effective if you have irregular cycles. During an enhanced IUI we are using the same follicle stimulating regime that is used in much more complex IVF treatments, but with far fewer drugs, this gives our Clinicians more control to ensure a better outcome.

A stimulated cycle involves the stimulation of your ovaries with Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH (GONAL-F®)). If this is your first cycle of IUI you will be asked to attend the clinic on day 1 of your cycle for a baseline scan. Subsequent cycles will not require a baseline scan on days 1-3. The scan will be performed to assess your womb lining and your follicle(s). You will start Buserelin (Suprecur) 0.25mg every day from day 1; these injections will prevent your own hormones from interfering with the treatment that we prescribe next. After 3 days you will be started on FSH (GONAL-F®) at a dose of 75-150 iu on alternate days. The dose of gonadotrophin (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) will be decided by the consultant. You will be provided with all the information you need and you and your partner will be taught how to give the injections with a simple auto-injector “pen” device prior to your treatment commencing in preparation for this. Your first ultrasound scan is arranged 5 days after your first FSH injection. Further scans are arranged usually every other day depending on the findings at each visit. The scans are performed in order to monitor the level of follicle growth. Once the follicles are considered to be at their optimum size you will be asked to administer a drug (OvitrelleTM 250 mcg) which will induce ovulation and your IUI procedure will be performed 36 hours later.

Alternatively you can opt for Natural Cycle IUI especially if you have regular periods and are less than 38yrs.

Using Donor Sperm

Once we receive the results of your screening tests and the counselling report you will be advised to speak with one of our scientific team who will discuss the donor sperm options with you.  We are currently building an extensive donor sperm bank and have sourced many donors from different backgrounds.  We have strict criteria for accepting an individual to become a donor.  All donors are screened for a variety of diseases and the sperm is quarantined in accordance with the HFEA guidelines.