Simply Fertility staff fully understand, and are dedicated to, the need to provide a holistic approach to our fertility programme.

For this reason we have created a team of holistic practitioners in disciplines we feel can contribute to your general overall feeling of well-being during your fertility journey.   We are fully aware of the impact of infertility and research continues to reveal that a person’s state of mind and stress level can have an impact on the outcome.

Our acupuncture, nutrition and hypnosis programmes plan to address the healing of mind, body and spirit as well as optimise the body’s hormonal function by reducing stress and increasing blood flow to specific areas of the body.

At times we may recommend certain packages to help you through the process, however through your own research you might want to consider embarking on a personalised programme prior to treatment in order to prepare mentally, physically and emotionally.

Our therapists are local and specialists in the care of people undergoing fertility issues. They care, understand and are immensely supportive, which is why we have chosen them.


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