Success rates play a major part in helping many patients choose which clinic to attend. We strongly encourage all patients to review success rates before choosing their clinic.

Since June 2017 we have been treating our patients on site in our new facility with very encouraging results.

The results below are from our patients which were managed locally by us and then went to our sister Clinic (Boston Place Clinic) in Marylebone, London for their embryology and embryo transfer

Clinical Pregnancy Results 2016 - 2017


IVF/ICSI clinical pregnancy results using fresh embryos per treatment cycle started

Female AgeEgg CollectionsClinical pregnancy rate
35 years & under6156.0%
35-37 years3237.5%
38 - 39 years1931.6%
40 - 42 years1833.3%

Clinical Pregnancy Results 2016 - 2017

IVF/ICSI clinical pregnancy results using frozen embryos per treatment cycle started

Female AgeEmbryo TransfersClinical pregnancy rate
Less than 35 years1957.9%
35 - 37 years1753.0%
38 - 39 years1030.0%
40 - 42 years757.1%


For more information on our latest results

If you would like more information on our latest results then please do ask by either arranging for an informal visit  or calling us on 01245 201 544.

The scientific team at Simply Fertility work hard to ensure the very highest standards in the laboratory.  With extensive years of experience,  ensuring the use of the best and very latest technology all housed in the newest facility in the East of England we believe that we can provide our patients with the best chance of success.


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