Choosing the right clinic

If you have already been looking you will be aware that you have plenty of choice when it comes to Fertility clinics within the UK. Not all clinics are the same and although the treatment pathway will probably be very similar from one clinic to another, there can be big variances in the quality and success of the services so it is important to choose carefully.

Here are a few tips to help you with your choice

Success Rates

As we mentioned above there are not a lot of differences from one centre to another with your treatment pathway, as a result there is also not a huge difference in success rates from one centre to another. It is important to enquire about success rates so that you can route out the poor performers but you have to assume that the success rates of the majority are very similar. Don’t get hooked on success rates too much because the success rate published by a clinic may not be relevant to you, to get a true picture of your chances of success you need to speak to the centre. Remember the only success rate that matters is the live birth rate per treatment cycle and ask for results specific to you age.

There is of course great variation in the way clinics manage their patients and these are the points you need to consider when selecting the right clinic for you.

Treatment Costs

Treatment costs need to be transparent, some clinics might appear to be cheaper than others but you need to be aware of the extras that will be added to the overall cost. Make sure you get a good idea of all-inclusive costs, so you know what to expect to pay in total.  At Simply Fertility our Prices are transparent and our package prices are inclusive so you know from the outset what your treatment will cost, with no ‘hidden’ extras.

Level of Support

The regulatory body requires all IVF centres to provide counselling, but not all clinics have in house counsellors dedicated to your support as and when you need it. At Simply Fertility you can see Caroline our counsellor at any time throughout your treatment. Just as important is the knowledge that you have a dedicated team of highly experience nurses and scientists who are so easy to talk to hand who have a wealth of experience to share with you.

Team Experience

The experience of the team who will provide your diagnosis and treatment is of the upmost importance. Simply Fertility have developed a team of clinical and scientific staff who are leaders in the field and high recognised for their expertise, specialising in both Fertility, Gynaecology and Andrology. Check whether the clinic has the right expertise to help with your diagnosis.

Latest Techniques

Is the Clinic using the most up to date technology and techniques? At Simply Fertility we keep abreast of the very latest technologies and we have a very proven approach to how we deliver our services, capturing the expertise we have from within the Fertility Partnership (The UK’s leading supplier of IVF), which we are part of. We provide state of the art time lapse monitoring, embryo culture enhancements such as Embryo Glue and we can model your treatment according to your own personal requirements.

Additional Costs

Beware of unexpected extra fees. If you are need blastocyst Transfer, is this an additional fee. At Simply Fertility we provide Blastocyst culture, transfer and Embryo Glue and the HFEA fee all in the treatment package price so you know exactly where you are.

Waiting Lists

Very important to understand if there are any waiting times associated with treatment. At Simply Fertility you can commence your treatment as soon as you are ready. We even manage to keep our egg donation waiting lists to just a few months thanks to our egg-sharing programme and rise in altruistic donors.

Open Door Policy

We at Simply Fertility pride ourselves on the fact that we have an open door policy and will welcome you any time to meet our team, discuss your options and see our facilities with no obligation at all. We understand the importance for you to be confident and comfortable with the staff, the surroundings as you embark on your journey. At any time you can arrange a “one to one” informal chat with a member of our team so that you can find out more about us and ask questions about how we can help you.  We also hold very popular monthly open door events which we recommend you book up early to attend.


Distance is very important, you will need to commit time to visiting the clinic on a number of occasions throughout your treatment, so it is important that you find a clinic that is within easy reach, a voiding the stress of traffic and delays. However we are very lucky to be based so close to the A12/A130 junction and have fast access to London via the train link to Liverpool Street (40 mins)

Whichever clinic you choose, we wish you the very best as you embark on your fertility journey. If you need further advice, we’d be happy to help.