Boston Place Clinic

Boston Place is a unique, boutique and state of the art facility in the heart of London

Simply Fertility has partnered with Boston Place in order to provide a full embryological service to our patients. This unique facility is really very special and we are delighted to be working with the The Boston Place team led by Medical Director Anna Carby and Head of Embryology Dr Christina Hickman.

Currently all our IVF patients are cared for up to the point of egg collection by the Simply Fertility team within Baddow Hospital, then when ready for egg collection we will transfer your care to Boston Place. The egg collection is arranged in the morning and after a few hours you will be free to go home. During the the next few days the embryologists at Boston Place will communicate with you directly as to how your embryos are developing and when the time is right you will be called back to Boston Place to have your embryos replaced. During this time the scientists at Simply Fertility will oversee your treatment and ensure that you are fully informed at all times, a level of care that our patients have come to expect and benefit from.

With the diversity of treatments and technologies available at Boston Place we are able to tailor specific treatments to your personal requirements in order to provide the most effective and economical route to achieving a pregnancy.   Of particular interest is the Embryoscope which uses timelapse photography to view each of your embryos whilst they are developing in the laboratory.  Traditionally, assessment of embryo development is limited to brief “snap-shot” glimpses at defined time points, in order to minimise disturbances to culture conditions. However embryo development is a dynamic process and a wealth of information about embryo history is obtained. The EmbryoScope™ time-lapse imaging system provides a safe, controlled culture environment, while allowing continuous monitoring and observation of embryo development.   EmbryoScope™ treatment enables the embryologists to identify the most viable embryos for transfer.

Boston Place is based in Marylebone.

Boston Place Clinic,  20 Boston Place,  London, NW1 6ER

HFEA Centre No: 0327

T: +44 (0) 207 993 0870
F: +44 (0) 845 873 4283